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About Us

We buy precious metals scrap in all forms and diamonds and color gemstone. From companies and individual customers throughout the United States, that are sell their diamonds, gold, silver, platinum and palladium scrap direct to our Florida  precious metals buying locations. We buy and process surplus material containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We buy industrial material containing precious metals, including; , silver , platinum.

At S&H Broker, we  do, Estate Sales, Auction Houses and Shows around the country. We sell Jewelry, Diamonds, Color Gemstones, form half carat and up. Also, we do Custom work as well. Call for more information about buying, selling and are Custom items.

  Customers throughout the United States who want to sell gold and gold scrap, diamonds, as well as silver solder and platinum industrial scrap, platinum crucibles and alloys containing platinum.  

If your inventory is too large to send through the mail. We can make arrangements to come to you. So, please call for further information at 904-333-7616. S&H Broker has been in business over 20 years.

We also offer here at S&H Broker, evaluations of your items. What this means is,  that you can bring your items to us or we can come to you and evaluate your items; ie., Coins, Paper Money, Jewelry, Diamonds, anything of value. We will categorize these items, and give you a "Wholesale" or " Retail" value for each and all of your items. This done for, Insurance purposes, Inheritance and personal.  A evaluation runs anywhere from $300.00 to $500.00 per day, plus expenses. We have clients all over the country, that we have done this service for.  Please call, for more information and details about this  service.

Cash for Diamonds, Gold Coins and Jewerly . S&H Broker  buyers of loose stones ranging from small to very large. Each diamond send to us, will be carefully and professionally appraised using all the available factors that determine value.

Upon request, we offer testimonial service from our clients. To give you an idea about our company and how we do business.

Before sending your items to us, Please call 904-333-7616, so we can give you the details, on Shipping your items. Thank You for choosing,  S&H BROKER COMPANY.